Thursday, March 12, 2015

Redesigning learning in a connected environment - Delaney College

Delaney College -  450 students - lowest SES in Parramatta Diocese - 38 nationalities - Yr 7 - 12 - a traditional approach.

Timetable has been thrown out -  100 mins every morning communication and navigation (Eng. and Maths). Textbooks have gone - even in Maths - concepts and procedures in navigational Maths. Any tool is OK. 

Mentor teachers - 5 for Year 7 - academic counselling and pastoral care. These 5 teach in a multidisciplinary way. Deep learning - non Googleable questions.
Collaboration around dual screens. 

In a flexible learning space, heads in or heads out - can easily tell who is part of the conversation.

Drive the car - take control of your own learning! Individualised plans also needed. 
Team work essential - investigate 
 5 teachers in a team, but includes a team leader.

Student learning, staff learning, leading change

Learning design 
What's the reason?

21st century skills -  4Cs

Radical timetable - consolidated approach 

Rooms - form follows function - Kenzo. whiteboards at every table.
Flexible spaces for learning - technology to support the learning. Videoconference capture the learning.

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