Thursday, March 12, 2015

How learning spaces act on learners - aren't they just 4 walls

Dr Ken Woodward - where are you?? Actually what are you? Very peculiar presentation!

How do we act in each setting? We came in, sat down and did not talk to the philosophy behind us!

Think about how you want to deliver? Direct instruction? Ongoing group work?

In the 1950s - space was just 4 walls
In the 1970s - space was a socially constructed entity
In the 2000s - space as a trajectory - - projection of where people a going

How is space different to place?

Students have  territory - a desk
Teachers have territory - a classroom

Why change a space? To satisfy a certain learning need. 

How does your timetable restrict the place that you want to learn in. Handing over some control over the learning dolce, they can find a place that suits them. Scaffolding learning spaces - hand over control - with control comes ownership - with ownership comes responsibility.

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