Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ian Jukes - Round Table

21st Century Skills 

Always interesting to hear Ian Jukes. The acoustics were not great for a round table discussion though. 

9 'I's include - 
Information skills
Creativity Skills - anyone can be taught to be creative
Innovation creative skill
Internet citizenship skills 

Ian Jukes - filters daily all educational change articles - free access to 5570 articles on 80 or 90 topics - curation of huge amounts of material - free - add email address and free access granted -

Students who are physically there - but totally disengaged - use the images to hook them in.

Ted McCain - Teaching for the future 

How do you write an engaging curriculum?
- what are the things you have to do on one side
- on the other side the 21st century skills - the 9 I's 
What's your baseline?
What's the curriculum? 
What's the assessment ?
They need to be side by side - not an add on - anywhere, anytime, any problem

Content and process - Velcro learning - here's the recipe - take what you want from the content aisle, take what you want from the assessment aisle add the 21st century skills - there's the learning. 

Where in the world will I find the people who are doing the skills on this sheet? Looking for the connections? Why in the world why I want to learn this?

Tips to make kids read below the line
- don't use all caps
- images in bottom right
- justify left - hang right
- serif font ( tails that signify continue read) - hand outs - curly on end - eye looks at the letter and beyond 
- never put lines across the page

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