Monday, August 20, 2018

CADAP18 (no hashtag!!) ....

...or 5 go mad in Hanmer (unfortunately only 4 as Mr Wright was absent due to illness....)

Connected, Collaborative, Coherence

The conference theme was targeted at what leadership might need to work towards and how leadership might work in the current educational landscape. 

The tyranny of the urgent - lead or just do! Dr Cheryl Doig 

Keynote speaker for the day, challenged us with her very first slide, reminding us of the safety of challenging the status quo. How often do we hear if its' working why 
change ? 

The 'cartoon' image of the Isolator reminds us that if we continue to look inwards, how will we ever learn? 

That as John Holt model of 'worlds' shows, that there are possibilities that I do not even know I do not know. And that i
s the world that we live in. 

How can we anticipate the unintended consequences of things that we do not know? 

Equity has always been a focus of concern for me in education, this presentation noted the growing equity gap in the 'internet of everything'.

One area that I definitely want to investigate further when we are looking at curriculum design are the Global Goals for Sustainable Development 

I think that this is where we should be heading for deep learning; solution focused; real world issues. 

The other area that I am interested in following up is the whole idea of Microcredentials - which Cheryl described as a 'personalised learning playlist'. NCEA could work like this is we let it!  Comments on teachers who 'wait' to be 'professionally developed' resonated. the question should be - what role are you playing in your own learning? 

The idea of 21st Century Skills is not a new one. But I liked the model that was presented from the 'WeForum' - focussing on foundational literacies, competencies and character skills. 

Its the character skills that build that culture of care. 

Challenging (or changing) the lens with which we view things - using both the lens of the aspirational future and the dark future - and realising that we may not have agency over all aspects was a good finishing point for the first session.