Thursday, March 12, 2015

Reach every student in every class - Jon Bergmann

One guiding question - what is the best for my students in my classroom?


His flipped classroom came from necessity - students had to leave to go to various activities. 
What is the best use of your face to face time? 

The connections teachers make in the classroom are what makes great teaching! So how can we rethink schools? The days of teachers holding the knowledge is gone. The world has changed! Relationships focus of everything.

Most teachers grew up in an information scarce world - we live in an information rich world. 

How do we shift the focus from content driven to higher order thinking activities. 

Traditionally we  send the kids home to do the hard stuff - this is wrong! Not all kids grow up educationally privileged. Solution - flip the Blooms classroom - most of the class time should be spent on applicant and analysis. Direct instruction done outside the classroom.

Research shows not only improvement in engagement but also grades. Exhausting for the teacher but best for the kids. 

A common misconception is that it's about the video. It's not about the videos - if the teacher is not interacting with the kids the next day, then the pedagogy is still wrong. 

What are the hurdles?
- Internet capability and access
- What if they don't do it? ( any different to what they don't do now ) 

Biggest mistakes
- length of video - keep them short
- teach them how to watch the video - teach them to take notes 

Curate or Create 
- make your own videos 
- increase active participation with self made content - trust - you are their teacher 

4 key strategies to flip a school 
- flip the thinking of the teacher - flip what school looks like
- it takes time - give the teachers time to do this 
- technology support 
- train ourselves and our students 

What is the best use of face to face class time? 
Students need help with the hard stuff!

Information is cheap today.

Bergmann - 'Flipping the classroom allows me to talk every student every day' 

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