Thursday, March 12, 2015

Case Study - Paul Whitehead - letters from a small stage

An fascinating and  interesting look at a small school doing something amazingly different - Bold Park Community School -

Reggio inspired -
100 languages
Nature based 
Socio constructivist
Respect ( no discipline policy)

What you'd see at Bold Park
Every class is multi range - 3 levels right up to Yr 12 
No bells
First names - all teachers all students 
40% of class time spent outside
No shoes except for sport and science lab
Outside play spaces  - lots of freedom - fire pits, no internal fences 
Staff write a personalised letter to every student twice a year
Half a day professional development a week - close early every Weds
2 teachers in every room - 1 trained, 1 in training 

Paul recognised that it is Hard to break down the silos of the secondary school - however as a school they were determined to do - this became the forensics unit - including the collaborative writing of a novel over a 3 month period -

'Positive Girls' - fabulous Health, Media and English based unit 

Total belief in the need for community involvement! 

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