Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Leading innovative change - Simon Breakspear

Why do we need to change?
Many of us are on the ground doing it now - we don't need to know why we need to change, we've had a few years if this! We need to know the how! 

How are we going to do this? Everyone is having the same conversations.

We need to .....
Defer judgements
Encourage wild ideas
Take risks and be curious 

How can we make a measurable impact in the 20% of time we have to make a change!
Students and parents don't always respond to the desire for change.
Schools are unique contexts -.they are complex and adaptive - they generate unexpected outcomes

Don't delay the change!!
We need to accept that there are done things we are stuck with - play the game, but run another system - agile leaderships

Key messages 
Better all the time - keep trying to get better - always looking for the next level
Always keep building - take from everyone and personalise to your own place. 
Honour the past - and move your school on a journey towards a compelling learning future. 
Relationships are still the killer app for learning 
Join the evolution - embrace the creative tensions of living in two systems 
How do teachers find the time to actually change their pedagogy? Time to unlearn and learn - when do we get time for this?

Agile Leadership
Clarify - if you can't say it clearly you don't understand it yourself - worldwide shared vision for learning -what will be different in  practice in 2017 ; less is better - too many short lived with little impact ; change one thing - what would you change? Do one thing well, for two years  - don't just add something else. Change the practice, not the person.

Mobilise - how do we change old practice to new practice - how do we make it work for us? What is working  for whom under what set of conditions? Give teachers a licence to create, to solve the problems themselves. Work in the 'white spaces' with the people who 'already believe' - start with minimal changes- think about inquiry- think about a frugal way of testing your assumption 

Amplify - spread what works and accelerate through partners - feedback on your own practices - how do you spread effective practice? Spread with the speed of trust! How we need work with staff that we are not aligned with? Always reference the work of other people's gifts.

Never stop the learning......

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