Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Students shaping their education and igniting innovation - Ricky Campbell-Allen

Interesting presentation from the 'Foundation for Young Australians' -   acting for educational change.

How can students not just benefit from education, but have a say in what it looks like? 

Use of social media platform to collect data - Student 'shout out' - what happens when you ask students what matters in their education-

Why wouldn't you give the students a voice - there are 3 and a half million of them in NSW!! Competitions ran on social networks to garner information. So far behind NZ on this! 

From here a group of students went to ACT to speak to Senators. Lots of learning around how to engage students in school governance and decision making?

Data showed that young people wanted to be engaged - 34% of respondents saw engagement as most important compared to 3% saw literacy and numeracy as important. Equity also a key concern - 25%.

Parents, governments and teachers hardly registered student engagement - they saw literacy and numeracy as most important. Student views are not represented by the other stakeholders, clearly. 

Globally there is a move to include stakeholder views in education policy. 

Interestingly - when used alone, student surveys are more reliable than observations. Also the lowest cost form of teacher evaluation. Observations, surveys and test data slightly higher when combined.

#voicematters -  student voice matters because the students know what needs to be discussed in schools

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