Thursday, March 12, 2015

Design Thinking - leadership,pedagogies, classroom

This was an interesting presentation around the 'design thinking' process.

The team is very important - you need to make the 5 stages very important.
Some people will want to go straight to the evolution, some will want to be in discovery forever.
Empathy is a big word in Design Thinking  - the momentum of a project maintained by thinking and time to meet
The language of the process needs to be imbedded
The strength of each phase is based on the strength of the phase before

- opportunities and enthusiasm to create new ideas. This includes presaging your research, gathering inspiration 
- always use visual reminders - pin boards, whiteboards 
- whole school perspective -schools often have many big projects - often at different stages of the design thinking process - who has the big picture - a number of projects in evolution stages
- what are your 

- how to look at all the projects through your school's eyes 
- school context essential
- has to be situation based
- perspectives and understandings change
- need to involve a lot of people in this stage 
- lots of questions - how can we support the teachers to make a change...

- re technology, not the shiniest objects , but the fit for purpose
- follow on from the Technology curriculum - design process 
- generate and refine ideas - expansive without constraints 
- include experts in this section
- convergent to divergent thinking
- more detailed brief - end product
- documenting the design process 

- run the trials
- stakeholder interest 
- plan to fail and grew 

- positive and negative feedback loop 

Games design and development - create an educational game based on indigenous stories 


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