Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Mercy Centre - learning space

A diverse school - academically. Interested in the dropout rates of rural students at university.

Major investigation - lots of Qs
- what  did  senior students want from school - quick access to staff 
- what do parents expect schools to do to support ther senior students 

Redesigned buildings- large technology centre - decentralised library area - resource staff for learning hubs - these staff work with teaching staff in the hubs - quite a shift in pedagogy 

Lots of white, writeable walls.
Flexible standing tables with whiteboard tops. Open, no doors, staff room area. 
Teachers come 'out on the floor' to take lessons.
Rule around lockers - weekly - out by 5.00pm Friday. 
Student leaders coconstruct the rules for the space with the rest of the cohort - they then self regulate the space.

Timetable to the space, but not for a specific room. Negotiate the space. 
No central focus in the room. 

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