Saturday, August 9, 2014

Planning at HPSS

Ros Maceachern -  follow the journey of the school on the blog 

Workshop - Starting point - sit in your learning area!!

In your curriculum groups plans how you would develop A Term 4 big idea around 'systems, organisations, how things work'
No explanation - we chose
recognises and understands how texts are constructed for a range of purposes, audiences, and situations'
'constructs texts that show an awareness of purpose and audience through deliberate choice of content, language, and text form'

Key words from the curriculum drive the planning - 

Question chart used in planning - 

Lots of questions - around all of the planning - big and little questions - use the post-it wall.

'Where you work is Utopia' - yes but there are issues and there are challenges - but the challenges are good and make for better practice. We know that we are lucky with the building, with starting from scratch, that we are all like minded.
We are building the plane as we are flying it!

If you're constantly banging your head against the wall, you're the only one ending up with a headache 

Basically you're going to be like a primary teacher on steroids! (Claire A)

Teachers choose to teach across curriculum areas - not expected though.

English - Maths Unit  - team teaching 
- writing blogging
- analysing their hits / blog stats

Principles -
- innovate through personalised learning
- engage through powerful partnerships
- inspire through deep challenge and inquiry to develop empowered learners 

The stimulating and inclusive learning environment which empowers learning ... It's not just the building!

Being everything back to the values and the vision - values sit in the middle . 

Always asking that question - go back to the values.

LOTS of planning for the model

Separate subject silos - not the real world. 

What does this look like for teachers?
- rhythm of the day is very different
(Image to insert)

For students?
Spin - specialist one teacher 
(Image to insert) 

Thanks for the honesty Ros!


  1. Hi Alison! I'll get you the images you're missing and planning to get the rest of my workshop as a blog post written today...
    ALSO - as I just gasped at that hideous photo my hub students just said "doesn't she have to ask you before putting a photo online of you?!" hahaha
    Please keep asking questions.

  2. Heya - thanks Ros - I can take down......