Saturday, August 9, 2014

Personalisation through SOLO taxonomy


Allows students to see 
- what I am learning
- how am I doing
- what do I do next

A way of breaking down NCEA questions 
- describe
- discuss 
Link how much to what is written

Can be used for anything - depends on how you set up the rubric - a skill; knowledge; understanding 

Hand signals linked to the levels of the thinking - integrated into all aspects of work at HPSS.
Break down NCEA questions - interpretation  - don't spend all the time and energy writing the 'describe' - especially in Sci subjects.

Have to build a knowledge base before you can get to the M and E questions. 

Provides a structure to be able to answer appropriately (Mr Black)

Every unit has SOLO rubrics incorporated - makes learning visible. A cultural shift in a school.

Personalise own learning - if students are collecting information they are only at unistructural - if I'm comparing I'm working at relational level. 

Student questions
- can I do this task?
- at which level?
- how can I move to the next level of understanding 

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