Saturday, August 9, 2014

#edchatNZ Day 2 - Project Based Learning

Project based learning - should be something that kids are interested in - needs to be based in the real world - this makes the difference. 

Buck Institute of Learning - free online plans and resources and research on PBL -

What lessons can we learn from Hip hop? Keep it real - great 3 min clip 

Give students choice and voice - publically presenting work gives it value for the students. 

Schools around the globe are structured around PBL - but any teacher in any classroom can engage students in an authentic manner.

HPSS - lucky that they are actually involved with building the community!
Hobsonville Habits - dispositional curriculum! 
Authentic contexts 
- first one community spirit 
- second one 'save the epilobium'
- clean up the mangroves
- school show - 2025 

All students have role in each if the contexts!

Does not have to be a weekly timetable - could be a 'discovery week' - see Alfristion model.

Need a 'big project framework'

1 a kick off
2 plan - what do we need etc
3 action
4 show time 
5 final look

Research shows-

*A rubric needed to show what needs to be achieved - explicitly teach these skills.
*experts - visits / online - need budgets 
* time

Students have to tell a story through the process - most use Google Sites - 

The strength is in building these skills from Yr9 - compared to ASHS - where the students have to develop the skills when they arrive in Yr 11. 

Sarah Wakeford - amazing energy and enthusiasm. Everything on blog -

Jotter pads printed with the planning templates - cool idea. 

COMO - turn your site into an app

Fabulous session - many thanks 

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