Friday, August 8, 2014

Explain Everything and Youtube

Differentiating what you use regularly 

How to rebrand what you already have - a tool to flip the lesson -

Available on android and apple - under $5

Things to note :

Allows students the time to process in their own time. 

Need to get over the fact of hearing your own voice!!

Personal touch - don't look for perfection - kids like to see the 'warts and all approach' - things do go wrong !!

The 1-1 or 1- a few, works with these.

Keep it short - two to three minute parts -with diagrams included. 

Technology is meant to save us time - Explain Everything - looks like a good tool - upload any existing documents into Explain Everything and add a soundtrack.

Linda Reuben's flipped classroom 

Even in siloed classrooms you can change the environment - have a 'help the student space'.

Explain Everything - looks easy tool to use 

An example for Billy Eliot

And V for Vendetta ..

Impressed by this 'flipping tool'!

Thanks to Linda Reubens, Orewa College, for sharing this learning.

Exam explanations looked worthwhile!!

Tips for Explain Everything....

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