Friday, August 8, 2014

Small module - Sci + Eng combo

Having to do some work with the kids ....

Starting point - what keeps you awake at night?

Science and English AOs drive the programme.

Debunking the myths of what poets and scientists look like!!

Student in collaborative work and feedback  - team teaching 

Some students at high tables - their choice. 

Natural transition between English and Science - in the conversations!

Conversation around flax linked to the whakatauki -

Range of seating options - 

Sharing in the circle - most important thing in your life .....

.....eek visitors have to answer too.....,
 Interesting responses from this Yr 9 group :
- family
- freedom - to think and day what I want 
- ecosystem
- existing
- relationships
- success 
- being the best
- active and enjoying and contributing
- honesty- true to yourself
- learning - wanting to build something better for myself and the people around me 
- people - who make me happy  - give me purpose 

English focus is on speaking - because that is the AO for the unit 

Which of these - poet, philosopher or scientist had had the most impact on your life?
Mini inquiry-a least one must be a female.
All individual inquiry for the rest of the day.

Next week 'hot air debate' - only 1 of each will be left in the balloon when it drops to earth?

What are the mini questions that we have to find out? 

"I made Einstein my wallpaper" 

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