Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dr Stuart Middleton - Keynote 3 - Managed Transitions - Multiple Pathways

If 9w is the answer, what is the question

Managed transitions, seamlessness, multiple pathways and partnerships - words that will drive us in education.

What we have now with segmented sectors has not worked.

Stuart posed a number of questions for discussion -: 

If there is compelling evidence that all children can succeed why do so many fail?
- not all the same
- disengagement
- no purpose/relevance
- what else is going on their lives
- low expectations 
- what is success? Define success?
- pace of change
- opportunities not provided - pigeonholed 
- factory model 

Define success? That is the key - a student that can leave, able to go onto the next level of success. 

Check out Sir Kenneth Baker - 
Higher education and vocational training - the Edge Foundation

If schooling is about children, then why is it organised for the convenience of adults?
- questions around the training of teachers and how teachers - Faculties of Education - focus on research 
- 'there is enough research out there to get us out of the deepest cavern'

How can we better utilise the expertise of a collective group of teachers - team teach - share the skills.

What is the significance of birthdays and Xmas holidays in the cognitive and physical development of students? 
- historical social promotion
- gaps in achievement due to gap in the school year 
- we pop kids into container loads of age groups

If leadership is so important then why are teachers fighting against the Investing in Educational Success?
- workload of DPs and APs when Principals are 'out of schools'
- how are clusters formed
- research around who is top quality? 
- what makes a successful principal? 
- is it best use of resources 

If managing transitions is important then why aren't we?
- day visits not enough
- cluster have a role to play 

What's so wrong with schools that so many want out? 
- have we ever asked the kids?
- too long
- boring
- disengagement 
- relationship with school and teachers 
- not necessarily to do with school per se
- the poverty gap

If teamwork is so important then why do so many teachers work alone? 
- more collaboration than 10yrs ago
- if forced into teams by SLT - then yes 
- some choose to be isolated or independently 

If it is so important for young people to manage their learning then why do do many opt out?
- self management needs to be taught
- not either or - not enough opportunity for students to be self managing 

Check out - Alfriston College - self managing learning 

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