Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mike Ardagh - Leadership by Accident and Emergency - CADAP - 2014 - Hanmer Springs

Research into the effect of seismic events ,
Leadership is easy and successful if - 

Clear roles
Skilled team

What if.....,? 
What if it is a crisis and a decision is required?
Other leadership qualities help 
- decision making - situation awareness ; clarity of thought ; decisiveness 
- communication - clear and not questioned
- creates followership

Stages of change 

If leadership requires followership, follower ship requires trust ergo leaders must be trustworthy.

Other qualities 
- respect
- trust
- decisive
- collaborative
- authoritative

Clearly defined lines or hierarchy of leadership essential in crisis situation.
Clear decisive leadership - well communicated. 

Post disaster mental health psychological well being - initially  higher after event - gets worse 3 years post event - but after 5 years better off than pre event baseline data. 

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