Friday, August 15, 2014

Chris O'Reilly - Keynote 4 - I love teachers

strategic planning consultant - thoughts on leadership and education.
Interests in mentoring and leading improvement through innovative leadership.

Innovative Leadership
- changing nature of leadership
- how to change busy organisations
- how to get people to take on more responsibility 
- how do we prepare people for leadrship

Key principles -
- think about things in questions of degree not absolutes - instead how could I do that better? Or how could I do that more? 
- intent does not equal effect -,what implications does this have  for leadership - what might the barriers be? innovation means change - teams trying to make change may be putting in the effort but they actually need to do things differently 
- greatest gift is to be able to see yourself through the eyes of others  - the people around your determine how effective you are as a leader - a key mechanism of leadership ( HYs 'barometer people')

Leadership Theory
Main change in leadership model is the rate and ease of information flow - no one person holding the knowledge and the power. Instant transfer of knowledge - no longer an island but a network of island

Fullan's model of leadership
However O'Reilly's argument around focussing on a few things only.
Stick to a few fundamentals and do them well. Get the basics simplified andfollow  through.

Have the courage to be able to recognise what to leave behind.

Modern leadership theory - more around values and relationship 

Successful leaders 
- articulate vision
- committment
- desire to achieve

O'Reilly's insights on leadership
- it's not all about you 
- get the best answers not have them 
- vulnerability is strength - Prof Bill George (authentic leadership)
- only authentic is sustainable and effective - there is no tick box of what makes a great leader - people have a great 'bull shit radar'!!!!
- it's not fair get over it 
- create the window and the mirror culture - people and personal behaviour (Jim Collins) - when good stuff happens a good leader will look out of the window and shine the light on the good stuff. The other side of that is holding the mirror up and ask - what could I have done differently when things go wrong? (ownership and responsibility)
- ready, fire, aim - react quickly - critical organisational and personal competency be prepared to get things going 
- you are not an island, neither is your organisation 

Innovative leadership involves 
- knowing what you are doing and why you are doing it
- how you go about this - systems, processes, measurements 
- how you go about this - values, engagement, trust, influence, motivation 

What can a leader do to create trust?
- quite frankly they need to earn it - ask what can we do?
 Get the feedback - if you are effective at getting feedback then change will happen 
-not asking
- too often 
- not asking the right Q
- not asking the right way
- afraid to tell the truth 
- what would others say (3rd party)
- history of not acting on feedback

What are the biggest opportunities? What are the risks? Would there be any synergy in your team's answers?

People who best know what needs changing are the people doing the job ask them - vested interest and ownership.

Clearly identify what needs to be done, show some leadership, get some feedback!  

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