Wednesday, September 10, 2014

CETA 50th Celebration

50 years of the Canterbury English Teachers' Association -  Colin Macintosh and Helen Hogan were at the inaugural meeting - and they were here to celebrate tonight! 

Put a few generations of English teachers in a room with few glasses of wine - and let the conversations begin.

CETA team member, Anita and Helen Hogan 

Past CETA members - Colin Macintosh and Geoff Tait - catching up 

Two of the 'new generation' from RHS 
Franci Sutherland and Kirsten Kean 

Speaker for the night - Joe Bennett (with organic ginger beer) and Ros from Hagley Community College 

Colleagues catching up - Julia Malcolm (RHS) and Kath 

Amelia Gilmore and Steve Langley (past and present CETA and NZATE) 

Mike Fowler (Hagley) Sue Hume and Gloria Moyle (Marian) 

National English Co-ordinator, Trish Holden and Lauren (Aranui).

Chief soirée organiser - Marie Stribling -CETA chairperson 

Sublime Rhyme winners perform their words 

Harry ( St Bedes  - winner 15-18) 

Courtney (Aranui) 2nd 15-18

Steve Langley introduces guest speaker Joe Bennett 

Master wordsmith - Joe Bennett 

" I had no idea what I was doing when I stood up in front of my first class" 

Getting animated over explaining NCEA assessment!!

Parent teacher evenings - you see the parent, you forgive the child!!!!

You need the full gamut of staff to connect with every type of student ! 

As a teacher, you know not what you do!

Founding member - Colin Mackintosh shares memories. 

Rangiora High School team - helping CETA celebrate 50 years 

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