Sunday, April 10, 2016

Grow Waitaha's Secondary Community of Practice

It's s pity that we (Rangiora High School) did not have the services and of the recently established  Grow Waitaha when we began our rebuild journey in 2014. No such thing as a Ministry apppointed 'navigator' for us!

Instead we came up with wild and wonderful plans as to what our rebuilt classrooms and Science labs could look like, only to be told they did not meet MOE guidelines for new build. How many meetings, hours and consultants fees went on this I wonder?
We are now hooked into Grow Waitaha. One of the benefits of this is the monthly 'cluster meetings' and for schools getting partial or total rebuilds. Schools share their stories and similar experiences. I wonder what it our design would look like, if we were going through this process now?! 

My notes from last week's cluster are below - a common thread was providing staff time to make change, experience failure, spdiscuss, reflect, retry......

Grow Waitaha
7 April
Hillmorton - A Brokenshire
- positives of collaborating across schools
- true collaboration takes time
- break down isolation of the 'job'
- stop taking my kids/stop taking my staff
- the moral imperative as a driver
- Cross school professional learning groups
- 4 teachers Cross faculty 4 days a term for PLD
- time
- 3 Cs - embedded - co-construction collaboration and choice
- the sport model - across junior teams - can't get this into senior yet though - engagement and results up- sport and classes ideally in the gym - sport and ed funding - how does that fit in a timetable - glass ceiling of streaming
- collaborative planning time in the timetable
- cross curricular resources developed
- Fun in the Sun unit - but still discrete units - the shift pedagogical change - report authentic contexts
- base camp - Yr9-13 learn from Yr7-8 teachers - meeting time on the timetable
- 7-10 1 day episodes
- enhance learning through outside opportunities
- teachers need to see the value of cross curricular

St Thomas - Hamish and Brad
- Zion- designed and built 2012 - about to build a community sports complex on back field
- about to design a new set of buildings with a new evolving design process
- change from bottom up - evolve practices in education
- evolve as opposed to change - to a 21st century school
- staff have to buy into and drive the vision
- review of pedagogy shift due to 100m lesson
- team is essential
- knowledge as verb
- staff have to model the 21st century skills
- growth mindset - OK to fail
- staff - be prepared to learn and evolve
            - professional learning groups
            - break the silos - cross curricular
            - led by appraisal facilitator - early adopters
            - not just led by SLT
            - values based curriculum 7-10
Braided river model of learning
- core skills
- minor collaboration - 2 teachers
- major collaboration - 4 or more

How do we use technology to enable learners?
KC are more measurable in terms of success

100% BYOD - provider deal also provides PD for staff - needs to be more than glorified B5

SAMR - all staff must be on the progression
Eng SS Art - Yr7/8
Cross curricular similar language
Engagement - nail this

Emphasised the need to measure Progression vs Achievement - move away from assessment for assessment sake. 😃

Test show how well the teachers have done their job.

Think about having 'Must do/ Should do / Could do'

Liked the idea 100 Day Induction - all events to get them into the life of the school - similar to our 6 weeks in. Impact on pastoral issues - drop off in the combined class areas. 

Referenced Ken Fisher - whose idea I'd like to read. 
Learning design principles - the rocks! Liked this phrase as we have the rocks as the foundation of our lighthouse emblem. 
Three very different versions of the same vision!