Friday, August 12, 2016

edchat16 - Workshop 1 - Computational Thinking - Rich Rowley and Stuart Kelly

Computational Thinking - what the hell is this? 
An interesting discussion on where coding is going! 

Basically solving problems, abstraction and change! 

Guess the number using yes/no questions! Solve by halving the range each time! 

Computational thinking and coding - repetition and scale = elegant coding. 
Coders are lazy! 

Computational thinking is important - because coding is disappearing - dying professional because of the way in which 

'Let's teach kids to code' Mitch Resnick 

When we code in pairs - pair programming exists in the real world.
Collaborative - constructionist pedagogy. 

Thinking is the outcome - through coding, not other way round! 

Extreme excitement when we did the Square! 

Where could you use this in English? 
- collaboration 
- follow instructions 
- follow a structure 

It's about thinking and perceptive - excellence @ NCEA 

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