Friday, August 12, 2016

#edchat2 - Student Perspectives - Learning in and innovative learning environment

4 extremely confident student ambassadors explained their vision for the school: 

Connect Inspire and Soar: 10 minute 

- We have more choice and we control what and how we learn. 
- We tend to focus on one learning environment 
- Much more project and student focussed 
- A lot of kids and team teaching
- the kids are more self managing - more self directed over the course of the year 
- based on student needs 
- relationship between teachers is a whole different dynamic 

- the human machine - PE and Science module(Yr9/10) 
- Jam and Maori - read music and speak 
- Da Vinci - science and Art - light and colour perspectives 
- Special effects - art and technology - weta workshop module 
- enjoyed Maths when we learnt it in a Science way 
- 'somewhere to be' - Maths and PE - planning a run, going on a run, geocaching on the run and mapping  co-ordinates 
- all use dashboard for tracking student learning 

Concentrating in open learning environment- how do you do it? 
- if it's too noisy I go to a breakout room 
- I put on my headphones 
- I move to a different room

Curriculum Tracker
Students keep track on a spreadsheet of what they need to cover 
Simple spreadsheet - we check where our gaps are 

Advisory activities -

For the start of the year

Nail challenge:  hard to believe this could be done! 

Lego challenge: 

Learning Advisory 
- very strong belief in that the teachers learn as well 
- students complete 'what am I learning' 
- SOLO rubric for all learning - lots of work being done with Pam Hook - the students could explain this quite clearly

An excellent presentation from the students. 

Quote: the teachers have to trust us a lot! 

No laptops at lunchtime! 
All social media blocked. 
Phones only allowed for school work. 

Quote 2: it may really look different - at the end of the day we're still learning! 

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