Saturday, August 13, 2016

#edchatnz Stanley Frielick - walking backwards into the future - possibilities and provocations

Kia whakatomuri ti haere  whakamua - looking backwards to the future 

1962 - Doug Engelbart - Augmenting our reality and in 1968 'the mother of inventions' - mouse founder! 

1968 Alan Kay - the DynaBook

1967 - Richard Brautigan 'Machines of Loving Grace' - poem - merging cybernetics with ecological 

1971 - Ivan Illich  - learning webs - 

1969 - Seymour Papert - LOGO Turtle - education has to do with engagement 

'Education should above all equip pupils with the resources with some sense of what it means to be alive' 

We have all of these things - but what are we doing with it all? 
How can we use this power to actually make a difference? 

Knowledge is not just for understanding but for cutting - the cutting edge of knowledge progression. 

These things are inevitable - words to structure curriculum and pedagogy around eg cognising, screening, sharing, flowing, accessing, becoming .....

A few more books to read!!!

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