Saturday, August 13, 2016

#edchatnz Kaila Colbin - Riding the Exponential Wave of Change

TED ex Chch founder and member of Singularity University

Predictions made in the '80s about technological change are about 86% correct.

SU - how can technology be used as leverage for social impact?  

Moore's Law - ( doubling curves) 

exponential understanding of what you could buy for $1000 - today you can buy a mouse brain can hold, by 2023 a human brain , by 2049 all human brain. 

Think about the exponential growth of camera photography. 

Almost impossible to understand the linear growth vs exponential growth. 

What happens when exponential progression converge eg biotechnology and 3D printing? 

Almost everything you see on sci-fiction is probably already here! eg Star Trek medical scanner! 

Huge opportunity + terror! 

47-81% if jobs disappearing due to Technology. We have never been here at this speed and at this scale. 

AI able to now recognise cancer cells 1000 at a time 1000x faster! And will only get better! Pathologists start with zero! 

The level of immersion of reality goggles has become unbelievably complex and more realistic - becoming indistinguishable. 

What happens when virtual reality disrupts reality! 

Skiing vs Surfing - mountain stays put, wave always changes. 

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