Thursday, August 18, 2016

CADAP2016 - if I knew then, what I know now! - Neil Hayward

16 months into the job - what have I learnt? 

Not much would have prepared me for the role! 

Management vs Leadership - how do you keep the balance between leading and managing? 
Be brave - can I have the difficult conversations? 

1st Challenge - building relational trust - how do we go about this? 
- be seen 
show that you care - look after them 'RHS' family
- be on top of the portfolio ASAP
- staff assume you know everything admit that you don't know everything - and that mistakes are made from learning 
 Relational Trust 
- respect everyone's role 
- listen
- have competence 
- act with integrity 

Establish the Priorities 
- what are the priorities - what is the current vision? 
- individual 15 mins with every staff member - what do you like, where do you want to be? 
- being visible
- get involved 
- open transparent communication 

What is 'part of the furniture' here? 

Building the Team 
- loyal
- supportive 
- believe in the vision 

5 Dimensions of Leadership 
- simple
- manageable 

Resourcing Strategically 
- who I employ vs who I have to work with that's existing staff?
- are meetings the right meetings? 
Ensuring quality teaching 
Leading Teacher Learning and development
- focus on teacher inquiry 
Ensuring a safe and orderly environment 
- protect teacher time 

Change Management - biggest challenge
Kotter's 8 steps of Change

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