Friday, August 19, 2016

CADAP 2016 - If I knew then what I know now ...Linda Tame

Linda Tame, ex Principal Lincoln High School, MoE consultant. 

Some things to think about - 

1 Know yourself ( and how your team works) 
2 Relational Trust 
3 Strengths  based approach 
4 Other observations 

1 What's my way of operating?  - many models to choose from. What process do you use to understand your behaviour? 
 Eg Hermann Brain Model 
Important to know how the people in your team 'ticks'. Cheryl Doig as an evaluator if this. Need to put time aside for this. 
Why am I senior leader? What is your moral imperative? 
 'it's about us changing not the students changing?' 

2 Relational Trust  (Vivianne Robinson) 
Don't just expect it happen! 
Deliberate strategies can be used to build trust - chaos if no 'genuine' trust! 

Interpersonal Respect 
- genuinely listen - challenging 
- not allowing inappropriate behaviours - eg behaviour at staff meeting/ student interface 
- valuing people's professional work 
- actually have system to value what the staff do

Personal regard for others
- the class for senior leaders are the teachers!  

There needs to be a DELIBERATE drive to build relational trust. 
The only way you know how you're going is to get anonymous feedback, at least once a year. Essential. 

Perception is reality! It may or may not be true, but the perception is there. So acting on this is essential. 
You need to have relational trust in the bank when things go wrong! We are all going to make mistakes, but we need relational trust to get through. 

3 Strengths based approach 
- believe that we all want the best for the students 
- all have positive intentions 
- let's look at what is working well - and do this deliberately 
Great quote - we tend to focus on the wrong

4 Other observations 
- who do you talk to about the big things at work - it's quite lonely for a Principal 
- we need to manage up, as well as manage down 


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