Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Re:generation NZATE16: Workshop 1 - Rowan Taigel - Design Thinking for Effective Teams and Collaboration in English

CORE - future focussed inquiry and learning with digital technology

Focused on - curriculum innovation; design thinking; teaching as inquiry and modern learning pedagogy

Collaboration (common cause) vs Cooperation - what's the difference? 
- a power difference
- everyone's input is crucial to get the task done 
- cooperation more of a social skill 
- product focussed 
- can you have one without the other? 
- choir ( from the same pre arranged sheet) vs jazz band (evolves  during the process, everyone has solo, different every time)

Collaboration - common journey together at the start, the journey may evolve

Why collaborate? 
- new perspectives - which may raise new questions
- cross disciplinary skills 
- diffused responsibility and pressures, distributed workload 
- comaraderie - humans are social beings - designed to work together 

How can we change thinking and processes in order to achieve what we want to achieve? You know something can be better - eg how can our team work better as a team? How can we change, innovate or move forward? 

What is design thinking
A mindset, we know there is a framework to work through.

- human centred
- collaborative - as many perspectives as possible 
- optimistic - we are going to make a change
- its experimental, risk taking, be prepared to change 

One model  
- empathise - observe the problem, take notes, watch, what is it like. Ask and listen. Research, dig deep, what is like? 
- define - look at your 'data' - synthesise, focus
- ideate - brainstorm 
- prototype - analyse and choose one to try, incorporate feedback
- test - seek feedback, try again 

Our challenge - work through the process
- hold off from jumping to solutions too soon - stick to the process 

Empathy phase - deep understanding of the challenge - can be huge or small 
Underlying issue - what are the links or themes? Is there a thread ? If what you believe, affects what you understand, and what you know..... Digging deeper, agree within the team that this is where are going to start 
Ideate: how might we action what for whom in order to change something ......
How might be change or improve the perception of English for boys in order to increase engagement? 
Ideate: Brainstorm - Don't reject anything at this stage - post its, share round the room, add as many 
Refining - safe, favourite, moon-shot and collaborate on choosing these 
Prototype - Sketch the idea - visualise this - if there are many ideas rank them, and work through the list 
Test - seek feedback - good stuff and what won't work - rosebud, flower, thorn - refine and try again 

What is English? - big question, not often addressed but essential 

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  1. Cheers for this! Made for interesting reading. Particularly like the choir/jazz band analogy. :)