Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Re:generation NZATE 16: Workshop 2 Marama Salsano - decolonising the English classroom

Teacher, writer and student ....

Boy, we had to think is this workshop! 

Lots of conversation around post-colonial theory of literature in Yr13 - which was interesting! 

Decolonizing the English classroom - normal use Te Ao Maori in the space. 

Whakapapa as literary analysis - more than genealogy, layers of meaning. Relationships beyond the blood types. Everything whakapapas back to Ranginui and Papatuanuku. 

Papatuanuku - a model of sustainability, the human connection to the natural world. We all live here - this is a unique way to see the world - links really well to the NZC - especially Level 8.

The woven universe - written post WW2 - Maramaosed some challenging questions - for explain how would you explain the whakapapa of an atom bomb? 
Think back of smart phone / computer / bomb etc - they all whakapapa back to Papatuanuku and Ranginui. What happens when you dispose of a smart phone?  The idea of recycling and sustainability - most students can actually do this. 

The whakapapa of a 
- what components make up a watch? 
- what happens when it comes to the end of its life? 

The hat - 
A very useful and interesting activity 3 different 'readings' - Marxist, feminist, whakapapa 

Zines - 
Non commercial magazines - DIY - print excretion of 'punk rock' 
Indigenous zines - alternative world view - students speak back 
Created for and by young people of colour - see Starling, L.(2016) source - how they can be used to validate world views - as well as fostering creative freedom. 

However - we need to create that safe space for students to create. Also there needs to be an awareness of intellectual property - and exploitation of indigenous knowledge. 

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