Thursday, July 14, 2016

Re:generation NZATE16: Workshop 4 NZQA

What are markers looking for:
- no more than 3 pages - a concise response - Level 1; 5 pages - Level 2/3 
- open ended - 3 pages 
- quality more important than length 

Teachers need to promote and encourage this - kids write a lot of stuff - can be quite tedious - is it necessary - in English they should be able to write a concise essay 

Supporting evidence - does not mean 10 quotes - often they are saying too much 

Nothing in standards, or curriculum that specifies a word count.
Better to write two pages of good stuff! 
Should be able to complete all 3 standards in 3 hours. 

Are students disadvantaged if they do 3 - NZQA research shows not. 

We need 15-16 year olds to be able to respond to a question, in exam conditions. We do not expect a polished piece. 

Discussion over the key words in exam questions! Should be the key words from the standard - not synonyms. 

- looking for - stating an argument - build an argument 
- show an interest in the text 
- have a personal response 
- choose texts that the kids can relate to, can see the purpose of 
- original response often hard to see for some texts 

- don't tell the kids what to write 

OMG - quote from workshop about the exemplars ' if my kids wrote this I wouldn't give them Excellence!!"'

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