Thursday, July 14, 2016

Re:generation NZATE16: Keynote 3 Michele A'Court - Small Town Girl

According to Steve, Michele writes 'real'comedy!

We get caught up with the 'minutiae' of our lives! 

How come my house earns more than I do in a year??!! 

Fundamental philosophy is that life is chaos. We spend our lives writing narratives to explain that chaos. 
'I look at my life as a book' 

Teachers who mattered to me: 
40 or more kids in my primary class - you just got moved through the system - always young in the class. Escaped into books. The librarian who led me to the young adult section of the library - was s key influence. 

My Yr9 teacher who told that you could make a living from writing - this was revelation. 

Mr Marsh - who made the 5 of us who chose drama to do Chekhov. In his own time, his own money, his own enthusiasm....

Last year she wrote an open apology on 'social media' to the teachers she had harassed through school - such as Dr Iles who did Economics without the knowledge he needed! 

Memories of SC English - writing on 'not' set texts - my teachers taught me HOW to read, not hoe to regurgitate! 

Two teachers who believe in you; no teachers who crush your dreams and few teachers who are faking it! 

I live the life I dreamed I wanted! If you can't recommend the job you do to others, why are you doing it? Find the 
place where you feel the 'most you'. 

Still keep grounded in the 16 year old in Levin. 

Three things needed in life: 
Something to look forward to
Someone to love 
Something to fight for 

Talking about fear: performing creates anxiety. 
Do something one degree scarier than the thing you have to do, it makes the thing you have to do less scarier. 

We tend to remember the shitty things that people say, not the good things - we need to hold onto those! 

Key quotes : Alice Walker ' I have the right to be this self' 

Final words - the fight for feminism belong to all !!


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