Saturday, August 8, 2015

Creative Writing - blended approach - Tam Y Proctor

Great to see Tam's ideas in this afternoon's CETA's mini conference. Her workshop was based around 
'How to integrate technology in a writing unit -  not just with a whizz bang technology approach'. It was focussed around a Yr 10 class. 

Short Story task - specific outcomes 

A creative writing  built from the literature - Term 1 film study, generated a setting - an integrated approach to curriculum planning. 

Pre writing tasks -create a visual representation of the setting - use your BYOD - and use familiar software - had to turn with a design day 1, Term 2.
May have to rework setting as story develops - some use paint and paper, some Lego, some computer game, some mine craft, some sketch up, some 3D printed.
Typical short story, conflict - and then looked at the writer's purpose. 
Created a video discussing the purpose of the short story, where had the idea come from. 
- describe the idea
- describe the setting 

Could use whatever tool they needed to do this - on screen video cast, talking head 
- questions about the short story 
- what problems they had 

Assessments have 3 parts - writing, the setting design and a QR code linked to their video

All students have a school only You Tube video - so they all posted on these. Great idea for all kids to have their own YouTube channel.

Comprehensive reflection at the end of this - collaboration space, and OneNote 
Moodle time stamps everything.

Technology included - phones, videos, QR codes.

Google Earth - setting activity - I think this is a great task 
Students plot the setting points and they narrate voice overs of this, discussing the setting. Rather than just writing about the setting. They still had to write about the setting later on. 
Students worked on this as collaborative groups. 
OneNote - used to build the collaborative notes. 

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