Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Great Pedagogy for the 21st century - Dr Michele Bruniges

This session began with a humorous  look at how technology has 'developed' - and asked the question  - but what has changed with pedagogical practice ?

A key fact about the touch screen generation is not that they havec the skills of touch, swipe etc but rather their p  independence as a learner is what is fascinating? How do we make learning relevant for these students? What are the implications for teaching and learning?

Have we really embraced anywhere anytime? I doubt p so. 

Teenagers 'modus operandi' is to collaborate - it is what they do! 

3Rs  and 5Cs - communicate, cooperate, communicate, collaborate, co construct - are the essentials that underpin learning. 

Interesting comments around Indigeous research - listen to the community - cultural curriculum  - you cannot go in and tell them what they need - very much the Kotahitanga model. Australian research and strategy way behind where we are in NZ on this issue!!

Stop, look and listen to the students - what is the purpose? Why is it relevant? 

Aim - a classless school - learn anywhere anytime, Merrylands  - be brave enough to change your vision - personalised indivualised learning - anywhere anytime. 

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