Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Enabling Digital Classroom Airwatch - Sam Singh

While this was essentially a 'product presentation' the ideas underpinning this are relevant fir us.

Mobility is more of a strategic discussion, not a technology discussion.

Simplify mobility in education.

Tsunami of devices!!! 

50% of parents believe schools should make more use of mobile technology.

What policies exist? 1 device? Use out of school hours? How do we connect the students experiences with devices outside of school, to the school device strategy? 

Create custom terms of use - secure device within the classroom, protect student info and privacy

Levels and targeting of learning  - control over the air - control or education. 

Enable mobility - make it collaborative - how do we secure manage and distribute apps? Enable real time access to learning.

Compliance checks and watchdogs of student use - do we need these? 

Not interested in your product - but great underlying ideas! 

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