Friday, August 8, 2014

School tour #1

Learnt from the master blogger Claire Amos, blog as you go..,,,

'Reach for the sky' - whaia te iti  kahurangi

School history - the classrooms are named after the armed forces call signs to acknowledge the history of the site - foxtrot, Charlie, alpha ..
The learning communities are named after culturally significant places or people.
Social spaces are named after the aircraft     .
At night red lights are visible on the fields to represent the runways that existed on the base. 

So - things I saw ....(what I thought will come later).

PE gym - smallest teaching commons as foot space taken up by gym and specialist rooms

Board Room - open and visible - primary and secondary have the share the same board. 

Amazing Food Tech space -

Video clips of food techniques - go to instead of teacher every time 

Student support - no individual offices - but meeting spaces for confidential conversations.

Staff lounge - open and visible - first name terms with students - hierarchical structure dispersed 

A learning commons - only 130 kids at the mo

Small break out space 

Music - sound space

Social spaces - lockers - relax - but also used for learning

Three learning communities (houses) - 5 separate hubs set up in the commons - learning space can be closed off - big space connected to social and presentation space.

Different levels of student seating. 

3x more visitors than kids today.

This is closer to what they have been used to at Primary - only 4 yr 8s at HP Primary School last year. 3 contributing schools

Science - differentiated groupings for work and content 
4 specialist spaces inside commons - 2 of these back to back 

Teacher space in the hub 

Common area attached to the specialist lab spaces 

Single lab - 6 double gas taps, 6 sinks, leaders in middle.

Semi closed off space in the commons 

Kids invite parents in 30 mins every term to reflect on goals.

Really big commons space - scale hard to show 

Special needs satellite school on site - connected and visible 

Amazing library space - no walls no edges - 360 open 

Big project room other side of library 

'What a school thinks about it's library is a measure of what it feels about education' Harold Howe ( from HPSS website) 

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