Friday, August 8, 2014

#edchatNZ Opening Keynote

Thoughts from the opening address -:

Twitter connects inspirational teachers from around the world - the teachers  who made a difference for you can and do connect.

Twitter - the electronic paperclips - the hashtags keep all of those educational thoughts connected.

We're not being welcomed to a 2 day conference - learning never ends.

Build respect in our the educational community - a voice beyond the union and the government - empower teachers to stick together and to grow others.

Don't be a spectator - be a participant!

HPSS - we do things differently here!
dispositional  curriculum.

Maurie Abraham (Principal) -  we all have a vision for education - how do we lead a that revolution?

There is no longer a good fit between the education we are currently providing the education we need.

How does the failure rate fit with the moral purpose we bring to education.

The paradigm of one ( one class, one teacher, one room, one pace) is holding  us back. At HPSS there is a paradigm of many.

NZC pg16 and pg44 - link the curriculum.

Open visible flexible and connected building - the challenge is to get the teaching to reflect that a the teachers and leaders must meet that challenge. 

We have to meet that challenge. 

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