Thursday, October 2, 2014

Connected Educator Month - Webinar - Modern Learning Practices in a connected world - 2nd October, 9am

In the chaos of the school hols, daylight saving and being 'home alone' - I miraculously remembered to log on and take part in this webinar.
However rural broadband not great for connecting - should have gone to school....

Some key questions being asked by Mark Osborne - how do we turn schools into awesome incubators? 

Being able to pass a test or 'jump through a hoop' is no longer enough - we need modern lernig practices for a connected world.
Where will learning take place?
How will teaching and learning change?
What will learning spaces look like?
Who will be participate - whose questions will be asked?

For us - this is the key MLP is about relationships, culture and best practice - just changing the space will not create real MLP - think about the pedagogy, your school vision and the learners in your school to make it happen!

Stephen Heppell - 'eyes on the horizon, feet on the ground'

Kids aren’t  just swapping ideas with each other they are designing their learning, their behaviours and their spaces...they build the protocols and the behaviours - they build the whole damn thing!! They are exhilarated to have learning in their own hands

When learning is exciting there is better cognitive engagement and reflective practice - 2 billion kids have got better ideas than 72 Ministers of Education!!

Fast lane learners - need to be able to direct learners to fast lane learning - but allow them to do that at their own pace.

Love the rule of THREE -

Derek Wenmouth - schools need to be places of attention not detention 

Love this metaphor from Sarah Webster -  My vision of a school is like a train station- I place where you can connect to other destinations. Learning happens anytime, anyway....hubs everywhere and 'teachers' being the tour guide and questioner along the way - ironically this article from the Herald appeared -

Janelle Riki - ako and tuakana-teina - sooooo part of the modern learning practices world - not so modern. Cutural values of caring - manaakitanga embedded. Make schools places where learning can take place any time of the day. Allow opportunities to happen.

Process to MLP  - team teaching, changing timetable that is co-constructed with the learners, learning about how to use the space - let the learners have the power
Learn the power and value of kai - basic

The connections between Art/Maths/Science and Performance mentioned - great reminders and prompts for connected curriculum -

Well that was a fascinating and thought provoking webinar - 4 excellent presenters.

Webinar archive can be found here - 

The collaborative notes for the session can be found here -

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