Saturday, August 13, 2016

#edchatnz16 Workshop 3 Student Agency - Paula Wine DP Rototuna Junior High School

The context of new and change and growing!!!

Co-constructing as we go - teacher agency as well as student agency - transparent process. 

Interesting that they are in their 5th cycle of teacher induction. Always feedback on the process - induction changes each time. 

Quite a few of us here are interested in the Curriculum Design and Curriculum Tracking. 

A very honest approach 'didn't all go sweet!!'  Week 4 and 5 high stress for staff - creation of the non negotiables. 

No existing culture to change - but there is secondary change. 

Learning Advisory 

The cloak - challenging the mindset - is essential. 

The extended advisory time is essential - never feel there is enough time - curriculum tracking; support. Learning advisory of 14-18 students. DP has the largest group. Mixed ability groupings - Yr7-10. 

The first 3 weeks are in advisory - systems, Google Apps etc - essential. 

Lots of choice for students - modules have 2 subjects combined - authentic connections. But there is an element of 'you have to' - directed where needed.


Every semester they must have English and Maths - others come from the tracking of the curriculum. Standardised testing (as a part of triangulated data) is used to see where kids need extra support. These kids maybe on a targeted learner base. Flights are more 'pure' eg chemistry, French. 

Two year framework for curriculum - in a 'structured choice' - in order for all things to be covered. 

Learner Narratives 
This is where students track their learning  - just by using Google Doc 

This is such a simple process. Each semester is linked. Parents starting to make comments. There should be no surprises at the end of each Semester. 
E-AsTTle is visible to the students. 

All of the courses have evidence linked to the learner narrative. There will always be some students who find this challenging. 
Students choose  how to document their learning. The narratives are checked every week and commented on by the advisor. 

Students who find this difficult are supported to complete. Lots of links back to parents. 

Curriculum Tracker 
What's the purpose - how much do we want to cover. 
A two year approach - curriculum coverage over Yr 9 and 10. 

A detailed overview of what they cover of the curriculum - great handover for teachers who leaves.

Teachers also complete the curriculum tracking sheet - so that all can see what is being covered. 

Solo rubrics for the values of learning 


Scaffolded, linked to learner narrative - element of choice! 
Not allowed to read from narrative.
Not - this is what I did but this is what I learned. 
Clear guidelines for staff. 
Goal for 100% attendance - school shut for two days - drew a line in the sand and put up with minor 'flack'! For kids who could not get family there, the kids were able to Skype or invite Principal or other SLT as audience. 

Leaders of their own learning - 

A really structured time frame for the initial meetings - but was not mandatory. Translators available for second language families. 

An example of an active IEMs. 


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