Saturday, November 21, 2015

The MindLab Weeks 17-20 - getting organised

The second half of the PostGrad is around school-based research and inquiry.

Our Saturday group has created a Google+ Group for discussing each week's readings and reviews.

Focussing on the Lit Review

Tell the story of why your question is important and what we want find out....and look for the gap

Think about: Abstract
Theoretical Framework
Needs to be broken up by themes or question - several people can be referenced under one theme OR one piece under different themes
What are the strengths, weakness and where are the gaps - why is the research needed
Think about the research question - make sure it is concrete and specific

When searching - key words are then important - make sure that you have the synonyms for key words - internationally different terms are words.

The best piece of advice was to use an excel document to create a grid of tall the readings - work out the themes - keep the page references - pull out themes from the literature as you do the reading for the lit review - FABULOUS

Get the Q right - f the question is wrong - the research becomes a 'living hell'.
A focussed and specific question

What/How ......IS THE  .......FOR .....AT

My MEd thesis (integrating blogging into classroom practice)  the tension between teacher as research - how much do you intervene and how much does this impact on the research data.
The Week 18 readings on making us if academic readings and making sense / collating your data reminded me of the plethora of paperwork that one collects when doing research - even with digitial PDFs and Google notemaker .....

I'm looking forward to the next few week's readings based around Teaching as Inquiry - as we have been working this model for our teacher appraisal for the last few years - and I am thinkiong of using Google Sites for the second part of this paper's assessment.

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