Saturday, September 5, 2015

The MindLab Session 8 - Leading Change and Robotics

This week session is focussing on school transformation and leading change. The practical part of this session focuses on robotics. 

Practical activity - Robotics 
Arduino - a basic robotic micro-controller board - much cheaper than Lego robotics 
MBlock programme similar to Scratch programming -  easier to use - well that's what we were told. 

My robot time - 
Input - infra red sensors 
Outputs - motors 

Totally out of my comfort zone of knowledge here!!!!
Aim to programme the robot to follow the black line and stay inside the box! 
My brain is fried already!!
Apparently it's important to always highlight end before you go to the next command - they need to be mashed together every time you change the programme. 
I hope someone else in my group is following this!!

Reflection - thank goodness the other two in my group knew about coding! Very happy for them to take over leadership because they had the knowledge!! 

Now try to think this to leadership theory! Each situation might need a different leadership theory and style. 

School Transformation 
How do we ensure education evolves to reflect the needs of today and tomorrow? 
What does this mean for us in practice? 

- regularly reviewing things like vision 
- broadening our view 
- how do we make those changes in our school 
- how do we get that 'leadership lens' into our schools - and become a thought leader 

Self review - why do you teach? What do you stand for? What do you hope to achieve as an educator? 

Social media has opened our world to views that we may not have ever looked at before - different world views and educational viewpoints. 

Ramsay Musullam 
This video on sparking student learning is underpinned by ideas of student centred learning, personalsation and differentiation - not all students being on the same page at the same time. Inquiry over content. 
I liked his final statement - new paradigm - cultivators of curiosity  - rather than delivery of content. 

Educational Philosophy 
What is an educational philosophy? 

What is my personal educational philosophy? 
Draw a concept map of your own educational philosophy that analyses the political, social, philosophical and economic assumptions that underpin that philosophy. 

Quite like this set of questions -
to help frame a philosophy statement. 

Leading Change 

Change management - change does not happen in a vacuum
It happens in the context of 
- multiple stakeholders (who are they in education?)
- strategies (what is your school's strategic vision?)
- evidence (how do you find the evidence to support and monitor change?) What evidence do I need to gather and how do I gather it??
How do I know whether my change is successful? What are the measurable outcomes.

How do we communicate change to our school community?

This particularly relevant at the moment - considering that our most recent community consultation only 5% of the community responded!! 

Seemed like a long session today!!

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