Thursday, August 27, 2015

The MindLab Session 7 - Blended learning, online discussion and flipped classrooms

What is blended learning?

Nice definition - the smooth integration of technology into the classroom - flexible learning in a number of ways - the blending of face to face and online in a number of ways.

Face to Face <Blended learning anywhere in between > Online learning

Blended learning does not mean replacing the teacher with technology.

A framework explaining the blended continuum -

The outcome is not the content - what skills do we want to be demonstrated. 
Gauging maths skills through a quiz - but gauging flying skills through a simulator, complex skills ets through complex games!

What does one technology give you over another technology? What advantage does a chat room give you over a pen and paper? 

Straight into work! Making a lesson using Blendspace. Have to say finding course straight quite after school hard!!

Blendpsace - made my first Blendspace Taskboard - you can check it out here -

Flipped Classrooms - what are the beauties or benefits of flipping the classroom?

- choice
- element of control for the students 

The four pillars of flipped learning are explained here - What is a flipped lesson?

This was extended to the 'in class flip' - stations in the classroom - there's a short video to explain this here - 
The lesson is never repeated by the teacher - and is based on stations around the classroom -

Some recent articles on flipping - 

Online Discussion 

Asynchronous and synchronous discussions - discussion boards of any kind are used to 
- encourage engagement
- encourage reflection
- critical thinking 

Leading the discussion is a key aspect - there are lurkers who may not want to post immediately. 

Twitter is a great tool for this type of discussion - BUT it can be distracting - easy to get sidetracked unless you are using a list.

To be honest I found concentrating after a full day at work quite a challenge - looking forward to getting back to Saturday mornings in two weeks time.

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