Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Where's my space - learning and teaching in an MLE

Stonefields Primary School - 4 years old -  growing - passionate about driving change in learning

Theme - Trying  to replicate anything is difficult - complexity theory - you may not have all the 'ingredients' 

Theory - Cynefin Change Framework - levels of leadership - change is complex, because relationships are complex

Open space learning is about negotiating  the relationships in the spaces - not just student teacher / teacher teacher. Generally classrooms became a 'Kingdom' ( my classroom, my kids). Teacher training needs to change to address this - very soon.
These new buildings create new affordances - a fundamental shift in the way we navigate spaces and negotiate relationships.

Question - Will we ever be in our own classroom on our own in 10 years time?

The complex domain - constant change constant flux - unknown unknowns - innovative and imaginative possibilities. 

Chris called his staff brave, as did Stacey Quince - teachers need to be brave to make changes.

School Vision - 
Build learning capacity
Collaboration - students who are willing to work together when needed
Break through - spend time working on what they are good at - know what they are good at!

Why shared spaces ? What is the OECD view of the benefits? 
Professional growth
Professional development model

No fluffy notion of what teachers do - if we are not creating learning then we need to know what to do.

BUT teachers need TIME to 
- meet
- plan
- reflect
- analyse
- think alone 
Even in our small model at RHS we are struggling with this.
The teacher team has many dichotomies to address - private/ public ; walled/ transparent.

What are we learning?
A real growth in incidental professional development - professional learning communitiesc are geographically located and happening in real time all the time. This has a significant impact on student learning.

'Being in a arranged marriage' - collaboration involves some risk - the greater good 'we go' not 'ego'.
Group mind - mindset actively interrogates what is being done - always discuss them elephant in the room - tidiness, timeliness (!!!) 

What sort of teachers?
Lone star - own thing ! 
Butterfly - collaborate over everything!
T shaped worker - can do both - benefit learners.

'We not me' - our kids, not my kids - our space, not my space!

Is it working?
Feedback from students, parents, community suggest so. Student engagement suggests so.
What works together? 

Really enjoyed Chris' presentation today - lots to think about re our own building 

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