Thursday, March 5, 2015

Future Schools and beyond

Must say that at the present moment in time, the last thing I feel like doing is getting onto a plane at 6 am Saturday morning and flying out for two weeks in Australia. I am sure that once I get on that plane, it will all be fine.

The nest two weeks are courtesy of the Rangiora HIgh School Education Trust, who granted me a $3000 scholarship to investigate what 'modern learning environments' and ' curricula for the future' look like across a range of Australian Schools.
 The next two weeks will be pretty full on - 7 schools across 3 states and the 3 day 'Future Schools Conference' in Sydney will be keeping me busy.

Some of the schools have been recommended by our IT provider - Cyclone, the others are reknowned for their innovative curriculum. 

In Sydney I am planning to see: 
Barker College and Cabrammata High School 

The whole team will visit the Google 'go to' school Arthur Phillips High School

From there to Adelaide where I am planning to visit: 
Australian Science Mathematics School   and 
Birdwood High School -

My last school visits will be in Melbourne where I am visiitng: 
McKinnon Secondary College  and John Monash Science School

In between these visits a group from school will also attend the Future Schools 2015 Conference and I'm looking forward to the the dialogue that will take place.

Our school footprint is about to undergo a massive change - we now have 20 months to prepare for this. Exciting times!!

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