Friday, September 12, 2014

The 'honourable' (sic) Hekia....

guess we do have to thank her and the Ministry for funding PB4L .....

First time I have heard her live - slick speaker!!

Lots of strong rhetoric - learning attitudes, learning behaviours, learning possibilities, learning communities...

500 schools in NZ in the initiative (not a programme). A way of operating and sustaining changed behaviours. 

The strength is in the evidence base - evidence overcomes our prejudice base.

Apparently we are developing a 'data - fluent' culture.  There is nothing to be afraid of on using data !!!

Party political broadcast just launched in middle of quite a good start ...

Alison Cleary (@AlisonCleary)
Hekia - Nothing to be afraid of in using data - there is no hidden agenda - I'm a minister of what you see is what you get

She respects the decision made by NZEI and PPTA ... Not that members have had a voice yet!!!!!

She has some notion that primary and secondary schools don't talk to each other!!!  Ooops after 5 mins of that tirade she acknowledges 'exceptions to this model' 

Happy to take 'safe' and 'unsafe' questions.... Followed by the next 'party political broadcast' - classic!!!!

What can we do to maintain funding - Hekia's question.
Our answer - scrap charter schools!

She had that data embedded in her head!

'We'll get what we've always gotten ' -FAB English from the Minister if Education !!!

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