Saturday, September 13, 2014

Session 4: Kerikeri High School - no wonder they were school of the year

Nice to be hearing about a larger secondary school - 

Wonderful to hear another Kotahitanga story

Kotahitanga well embedded before PB4L

Progress slow due to size of initial team. Had reduced to a small team - and jobs 'contracted out' 

Key slide!!!!!

Perfect student vs perfect teacher
We've done the ideal RHS student - but have we ever done the ideal teacher????

Student Handbook
- interesting pages 'what to do if....'

Team - meetings optional - but small team kept momentum going

Align all paperwork with values
Eg student referral forms 

After school detentions became learning opportunities - rather than punitive 
At Yr12 replaced by after school parent meetings. No more afterschool detentions. 

Trial and error interventions
Eg Yr 12 truancy - rewards for no ? 
This morphed into students taking ownership
Positive phone calls home 

Getting the message out 

Third year funding spent on visual representation of the values.
Classroom competitions - the classroom that best displayed the school values.

Differentiated values for Yr levels
Students teaching students very valuable tool.

Aligned report attitude matrix - values 

This became the first lesson - with a range of activities for staff to choose from.

Second lesson was around exams and study leave.

Tackling Litter
Involved the property manager!!

Build an installation from school rubbish!!

Using students to create the visuals - video 
- after seniors go
- use juniors still at school
- teacher release time

When there's no funding????
- student team - expanded
- they judge classrooms
- feedback on matrix and activities
- shoulder tapped or took volunteers 
- classroom competitions increased - mark sheets aligned to values 
- staff prizes included a week in the principal's carpark; some afternoon release time !!!!

Rewards system 
- certificate system revamped

- no answer yet to the whole school rewards system 
- staff need to promote
- admin person offers the data 
- levels of awards - from form teacher up to Principal
- data shared - class data 

'Stop the bus' lessons
-1 per term - based on bubbling issues
- Cybersafety / Manners / Litter 
- different lessons for different levels 

- huge reductions in discipline and suspension data
- increase in class attendance
- importance of acknowledgment over reward 

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