Friday, September 12, 2014

Keynote 2- Marcus Akuhata-Brown

Fabulous speaker - thought provoking messages 

Whakarongo - through the three domains of all of our senses - to enable us to weave together that which is disconnected; to weave together human relationships 

Marcus interests lie in how we are connected - both to people and to place.
Family and place are what's important. 

Amazing to hear the recitation of whakapapa... 

By identifying our origins and beginnings we can realise that the picture is bigger than ourselves....

Glass lid of low expectation - exacerbated by lack of connection 

Nice quote from Jared Diamond's 'Collapse'

Transformational change takes place when head and heart connect - theory alone is not enough.

Often we are far too quick to focus on what is going wrong - power in the recognition and honour from a community. Don't give up on the first negative response - sustained encouragement cannot be underestimated - they help form courage.

Connection can give meaning to learning - condition of care comes from a position of authenticity.

When you isolate people (students) they cannot participate - then communities develop (disengaged).
Where do students who have no connections to people or place, go to in moments of crisis?

As teachers we have a privileged place of influence. We can have a transformational, generational impact. Enduring processes of change. 

People are the only things that make a difference in people's lives - do that they can hear the 'call of the bird'!

Ghandhi - 
You must be the change you wish to see in the world 

What glass lids need to be lifted of our own worlds??

'I believe that if you see potential in someone, you have a responsibility to act  on that - and it will more than likely cost you something' Marcus Akuhata Brown
Really enjoyed this presentation 

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