Friday, August 29, 2014

The journey - MLE and P - Meeting 2

Key Questions
What is the endgame? Where will the heart of the school be? What is the quality heart space?
What happens to the spaces between the new build and existing buildings ? Flow across the school - where will the central entrance be? How do the memorial trees locate in this? Do we move the memorial trees ?

How do students flow through the building?

Connecting the old and the new - 

How do we get the old and new to 'interact?' - Ministry driver is the provision of teaching spaces - not what goes into the commons. 

What will KBlock look like? How many science labs? Will there be space for staff work in the 'transitional build?' 
Science have produced a detailed plan of what it could look like. 

Legoland - Jasmax model 

Possible footprint - very early working drawings - collating ideas 

How do we want a student commons to integrate to the rest of the school around it - between Arts and Technology?

The pedagogy 
Focus on an integrated junior curriculum - with specialist electives out of the building - senior Science then brought in.

The pedagogy has to match the space.

Good question - What will a big glass space be like on a hot North Canterbury day? High ceilings and top line heat radiation. 

The learning whare - simple clean lines - make it more interesting inside. 

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