Monday, August 25, 2014

On the road again - the journey to MLP and E

Time: 5.40
Location: Chch airport
Destination: Auckland
Team: Peggy, Brian, Julia, Chris, Josh, Leanne and myself
Purpose: to scope out two new modern school buildings and some new approaches to teaching and learning
The Challenge - driving the rest of the tour party in a rental which took a lot of time to a) find the handbrake and b) close the doors!!!

Some of the things that stood out for me-
- all three schools had strong links with the community
- the students students confidently talked about their learning 
- all have a pastoral care system based on all teachers looking after a smaller number of students 

Stop 1 - Hobsonville Point Secondary School 

This is my second visit to this amazing educational location. Our new building is approximately a third of the length of this place. 
HPSS built as a 'public private partnership' school (NOT a charter school) probably affords a quality that will not be matched by a Ministry build. 
Valuable learnings to be made from not just the environment, but their approach to curriculum and pastoral care. 

The Curriculum
- planning and team teaching - both take time to master 
- technology is a great enabler 
- the future of education 
- integration not as easy in a single cell classroom  - as it relies on numbers to make it work 
- over a term or two staff have become    better at using the one block a week - smarter 
- Te Reo compulsory 
- ideally by senior school - kids out as much as in - self directed 

Big Modules
- 3 teachers - SS /Technology/ PE
- 64 kids - self selected ( eventually aimed at curriculum levels - some mixed levels some single level) 
- kids quickly moved back into the main group - they have taken a bit of training to do this seamlessly 
- team teaching an integrated curriculum not integrated teaching 

High trust model 

self issue in library no alarms
- any shoes
- lateness
- kitchenette facilities

Linking school and private enterprise 
- food technology - linked to good enterprise and cosmetics 
- must link the learning to a real context

Thanks staff and students for sharing your time, enthusiasm and your  facility.

Stop 2  - Albany  High School 
Thanks to Barbara and Kim for spending the time with us.

The thinking behind the space
- based on Doig, Gilbert and 
- it's not if have talent  but how you have talent
- all students are capable - just need to tap into that 
- do less and do it well - 80 cr in 5 subjects - focus on Merit and Excellence endorsements
- focus in the important conversations - don't sweat the small stuff

The Pastoral Care Network 
- all teachers except for Principal look after 15 students - 5 each if Yr 11, 12 and 13 - so only connecting with 5new students a year
- all pastoral and academic support - 2 x100 mins a week - students can use time to complete work 
- teachers need training and mentoring to be able to do this well
- no Dean systems - the teachers are the Deans for 15 students

Interestingly the 4 DPs (for 700 students) have no split portfolios - all do all 

Big Impact Projects 
- when do students get a chance to do something they are really really into ?
- can be independent or part of a team
- more on site than initially
- these have developed over the 6 years

The school 
Learning Commons - 3 classes in one space - small pods are likely to be removed 


Open plan art spaces 

Big tables - high leaners

Library corners 

Poetry corner

Indoor Outdoor Technology Flow

Planning and making side by side - design and build.

Senior Student Leadership Space

Great colour!

The noisiest place of the school - 3 levels of commons 
and it was not that noisy 

Outdoor courtyard flow

Environmental Space - lizard enclosure 

Stop 3 - MIT Secondary Tertiary School 
Fabulous to re-connect with Steve Samuela and to be back in South Auckland! 

The covered deck areas add a huge amount of space to the learning areas.

The students were confident - and stayed well after 'school hours' to mix and complete work 

Thanks Team SSTS MIT

Long day on the road ! 
Amazingly the traffic was kind to us - no hold ups on any of the motorways. 

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