Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Building on Success - Accelerating Maori student achievement

Thought provoking and challenging day working with the 'Building on Success' team of Robbie, Therese and John.

Brought back many of the positive memories from my Te Kotahitanga years - the strength of co- construction; the crtitical reflection and the sharp reminders of the kaupapa - of the undeniable reasons as to why teachers have position themselves to be abe to make changes for rangatahi.

The professional learning cycle of observation, feedback, goal setting and shadow coaching supports teachers identifying strengths in their practice, as well as areas where a culturally responsive pedagogy could be embedded into what teachers do in the classroom.

The observation tool has been refined and I believe, easier to work with - no on the spot decision making over codings (yay!) - those modified codes can be allocated to the recorded evidence after the observation - and added to in the feedback meeting.

I had forgotten what is was like to have a team descend on the classroom to observe my practice - the kids were pretty takedn aback when the team of 6 faciltitators arrived - that may well be an interesting conversation tomorrow!!

I finished the day tired and reflective - I think have a team of 4 with 3 of them members of SLT is a big ask - the professional learning cycle demands a time committment of at least 3 hrs a term per teacher in the cohort.

Launching 'Building on Success' at the same time we are launching 'PB4L' tinkles a few warning bells.....plenty of planning to come.

One of my fav Te Kotahitanga videos reminds me why this is essential mahi is here '

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